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What’s Beyond Constantly Trying To Fix Your Body?

How many approaches have you tried to change your weight, your shape, your libido, your health & happiness with your body? Have they worked?  How much effort and suffering did you have to put your body through to make it work?

The target is not to define or re-define what you body is or could be, but to un-define and un-confine you and your body from all definitions and judgments of bodies and embodiment. Right Body For You opens a door to infinite possibility, joy, peace and gratitude that having a body can be.

What if having the body you’ve been asking for was easier than you think?

Join Juna Guetter, one of the world’s 14 Access Consciousness® 3 Day Body Class Facilitators and a Right Body For You Taster Facilitator in this introductory level class on bodies!

  •      Discover why diets, exercise & fixing your body do not always work!
  •      Learn new practical tools that are designed to change what isn’t working
  •      Discover how to enjoy your body no matter what!

If you answer “YES” to one of more these following questions, then Right Body For You, has something for YOU.

√ Are you struggling with body weight issues, either taking it off or putting it on?

√ Do you have pain or discomfort when you move your body?

√ Are you wishing to improve your performance in a sport or other physical activity?

√ Are you accident prone or “clumsy?” Would you like to be more coordinated and connected to your body?

√ Do you wish to change the shape or appearance of your body?

√ Are you concerned about the effects of aging?

√ Are you worried about your child’s physical development?

√ Do you have scars or disfigurements you would like to change?

√ Are you unhappy with your body or your face?

√ Do you feel pressured to create your body to fit a standard?

√ Do you have recurring pain or illness that does not seem to respond to “conventional medicine?”

√ Have you been diagnosed with an eating disorder?

√ Do you have a body?

The target of RBFY programs is for you to be able to communicate with your body and to begin to develop a communion with it. What would it be like for you and your body to be friends?

A Right Body For You Taster is an introductory class to a 2 day class in MORE of all of the above! For more information on the 2 day RBFY Class or the 3.5 Day training to become a RBFY Taster Facilitator, CLICK HERE.

with Juna Guetter – Based on the work of Gary Douglas, Dr Dain Heer and Donnielle Carter from Access Consciousness®

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