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My “aha!” About the Energetics of Business

I recently asked a colleague of mine how she is able to perceive 100’s of classes all around the world? One of her jobs is to oversee 100’s of seminar trainings in Access Consciousness®. She has the awareness when one seminar requires some attention…maybe it requires a new hosting team, maybe the dates need to change, maybe…just maybe something needs to be tweaked!

How does she DO that, I wondered…without going into overwhelm?

She said she learned HOW when she became a mother. She’s been training her awareness muscle by knowing where her child is at every moment, what he’s doing and how high he’s climbing, for example. It’s no different bringing that skill and awareness to managing global seminars.

I got to wondering….What if I could be that energy and awareness at all times with my class creations, my projects and my dreams for the future? Aha!

After that “aha”, I got another awareness of those times where I’ve pulled my energy out of my creations. Whether it’s my kids, my house, my partner, my businesses, I noticed that in certain areas of my life that were “limping along,” I had pulled out my energy. The reasons “why” don’t matter so much as does the fact that I pulled out my ENERGY. You’ve probably NEVER done that, right?

SIDEBAR: To be clear, I’m talking about the creations & projects that you choose to actualize. Some projects simply need to be deleted. I’m not referring to those.

To gain more awareness, here are some questions for you:

  • Have I un-knowingly pulled my energy out of my projects? You don’t even have to understand what “pulling your energy” out of something means….just give me your first “hit” on it! Yes? or No?
  • Is pulling out my energy from ____ working?
  • Is it time to scrap this project or to ask more questions about what it requires?
  • What projects, businesses or creations have I done that with?
  • What if each project was as precious as a 3 year old child in my full-time care? What would that change?

Here’s another example. If you always carried $5,000 in your wallet at all times, would you always know where it is? What if every class, project or creation that you are choosing to create is either like your 3 year old child or your wallet with $5,000 in it? Do you always know it’s “status”? Do you have an energetic awareness about where it is and what attention it requires in the moment?

It’s not about having to be hyper-vigilant about each project.  That would be micro-managing & taking a short trip to the Land of Overwhelm. It’s more about expanding your space of presence, being in the question with each “life form” you are creating, with a light yet generous touch of your energy!

Are you willing to be intimate with every single class, every book, every blog, every person you interact with, every page you write as though it is a precious gift to you and to the world?

If you haven’t noticed, it IS a gift !!! And so ARE YOU!

#neverquit #nevergivein #neverstop




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