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How Not To Be At The Effect Of The World Around You 2017-05-16T21:36:21+00:00


A powerful 3 Part Coaching Series, with Sabine & Juna, that gives you powerful yet easy tools & awareness to assist you to change what isn’t working for you regarding being at the effect of other people, money & the environment.


If you’re not at the effect of anything,
how much more choice and freedom
do you have available?

Do you ever find yourself to be at the effect of people or circumstance?

Your kids?   Your in-laws?   Time?   Money?   Health?  Work?

How much of what you call “living” is actually creating strategies to manage things that are seemingly happening to you?

What if you didn’t have to be at the effect of anyone or anything….ever again? What else could you create if you weren’t trying to constantly avoid, defend or fight against being controlled by others?


$120 for all three evenings
$50 per evening

Included in your registration is an audio recording of the event!
A link to download will be sent to you as soon as the recording is available.

If you can’t be with us in person you don’t have to miss out!
You can LIVE STREAM this class from where ever you are!
Simply register and pay and we will send you all the info you need to watch online!

For $50 each or, $120 for the set, you can watch the video of the talk and download the audio recordings to keep forever.


The Root Cellar – Tap Room
623 Dundas Street – London, ON

May 17, 24 – 7-9pm

In person or you can live stream the event!


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Do other people annoy you?
Especially those you love and care about?
Or those you work with or live with?
Do you tie yourself into knots in order to make them o.k., make you o.k., make being with them o.k.?

Are you ready to STOP being at the effect of raging lunatics, bratty kids, aloof partners, abusive parents, obnoxious co-workers, nosy neighbors, Meannies or Muggles?


Do you make decisions whether to do something or not based on how much it costs?
Are you at the effect of other people’s points of views about how you spend money?
Do you have point of views about how others spend money?
Do you hide it? Spend it all? Save it? Worry about it?
If money wasn’t the issue, what would you choose?


When you look at some of the changes unfolding in our society and on the planet…
pollution, biodiversity, wealth distribution, human slavery, politics…
and how it can impact each and every one of us, it can be tempting to slip into overwhelm and hopelessness.
Turn helplessness into affecting true and lasting change. Learn how to BE a contribution that changes things.

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