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Looking for the most direct route to mastering stress and challenge with total ease?

If you’re on this page, you are probably a seeker or creative and are interested in having, creating and being more in your life. Congratulations!
Whether life’s thrown you a curveball or you are happy & successful, yet know there’s so much more, we show you the tools and walk by your side with 1:1 Coaching to empower you to access your potency, vitality, creativity & authenticity.
We know you’re busy. So we’ve made it easy for you.
Rather than having to commit to several sessions or spend your life’s savings, you get to pay by the minute!
And sometimes all it takes in your busy day is a 15 minute tune-up to get you on track.

Choose Possibilities Coaching with Sabine or Body Coaching with Juna and you’ll be choosing to receive the tools and support you need to make the changes you desire. Is now the time to get into the driver’s seat of your life?

Possibility Coaching with Sabine Hildebrandt

POSSIBILITIES COACHING with Sabine Hildebrandt

Has fear, doubt, procrastination and lack of motivation been getting in your way of creating a life, relationships and work that you love? Possibilities Coaching with Sabine gives you tools and awarenesses to stop buying the convenient excuses and limitations you’ve been making more real than your choice and potency to change anything! Is now the time to claim, own and acknowledge your capacities to create for you instead of against you?

Possibility Coaching with Sabine Hildebrandt

BODY COACHING with Juna Guetter

Experience a body coaching session with Juna and you’ll be giving your body an immeasurable gift. Not only can you unlock the judgments and limiting beliefs that keep you from having more ease with your body, you’ll awaken to the possibility of actually living in communion with it. You’ll receive nurturing hands-on body processes, which may include The Bars®, along with powerful verbal processing. Add in your choice and willingness to receive and change, and you’ll open up a dialogue with your body that allows you to enjoy it as the gift it truly is.


What’s the fee for 1:1 Coaching?

Our price is $4.95/minute. And the first 5 minutes are free.
It’s the best of both worlds . . .
You’ll still be able to have an hour session. Or if all it takes is 8 minutes, that’s possible too!
The sessions are recorded and sent as an MP3 file to your email address within 24 hours.


BARS SESSION with Juna Guetter or Sabine Hildebrandt

Lie back and relax.

Receiving The Bars™ is a simple, gentle, energy process where Juna or Sabine will lightly touch 32 key-points on your head to release the electromagnetic charge that holds beliefs, decisions, judgments and considerations from any and all life times. Can you imagine the freedom of clarity this might bring? This incredibly dynamic process is quite nurturing and leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed. And if you’re willing… it can also change your life in ways you never imagined!

Energy Pull
Implant Band
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