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The Clearing Statement is
“Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, all nine, shorts, boys and beyonds.”®


Stands for …
What’s good, perfect and correct about this?
What’s wrong, mean, vicious, terrible, bad and awful about this?
What is right and wrong, good and bad?


Stands for Point Of Creation
This addresses all the thoughts, feeling, and emotions immediately preceding your decision to have this point of view, judgment or consideration about something.


Stands for Point of Destruction
All the ways you have been destroying yourself in order to keep whatever you’re clearing in existence


Stands for…
Nine layers of stuff from which we create


Stands for …
What’s meaningful about this? (you make it meaningful and it truly isn’t for you)
What’s meaningless about this? (oh don’t worry it is ok … when it actually isn’t)
What’s the punishment for this?
What’s the reward for this?


Stands for nucleated spheres.
It is where you think you need to come to the core of a problem (like trying to peel an onion)
but never getting to the core because there is none (you are just popping soap bubbles)
For eg. dealing with procrastination or weight issues …
the cause for the challenge you are facing might not be your weight or not getting things done, it might be something completely different.
It might be your body asking you to communicate with her or him, instead of you putting him or her through one diet after the other.
It might be a talent and ability! What if you worked way better and could get more things done if you had 1o projects on the go at once instead of trying to complete something before going on the the next thing?


Stands for the feelings or sensations you get that stop you completely. Something you did not expect at all and when it happens you freeze up. Anytime you freeze up, that’s the beyond holding you captive. The difficulty with a beyond is, it stops you from being present.

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