Access Consciousness™  is a radically different modality that “empowers you to know that you know.” Founded by Gary M. Douglas in 1987, and co-created with Dr. Dain Heer, Access Consciousness offers practical tools like hands-on body processes, Access Bars®, The Clearing Statement®, and “Living in the Question” to name a few. It is an approach that cultivates a space of being rather than a state of doing. Below is a description of two of the Access Consciousness Core Classes we offer. Taken in sequence, these classes, along with our expertise and personalized approach, will provide you with the tools you need to change anything that isn’t working in your life and body.


Here are the two Access Consciousness Core Classes we facilitate: Access Bars™ and The Foundation. Taking both in sequence is the Access 5 Days to Change Your Life series, or take one at a time. Whatever works best for you.


Access Bars is the first in the series of Access Consciousness Core Classes. In this dynamic and fun one-day class you will learn how to gift and receive a body healing process called The Bars. You know how touching points on the feet in Reflexology helps release blockages in your whole body? Well, the Bars is gently touching key points on the head that helps release blockages in your whole life – body, emotion and mind! Once you complete the class you can become a Bars Practitioner and can offer this process to clients. You are also eligible to attend our Monthly Bars Gifting & Receiving exchanges.


Pre-requisite: None


In The Foundation, a 4 Day Class,  you will begin to see the points of view that limit you and what else can be changed that would allow the possibility of functioning from question, choice, possibility, and contribution. You will gain awareness of your potency as an infinite being to transform what isn’t working for you. You will learn about the simple, easy to use tools that empower you to recognize truth from lies. You will get practical, real life tools including some potent hands-on body processes.

Pre-requiste: The Access Bars Class

Access Consciousness Bars Class


february 2016

12feb7:00 pmBeyond Diets, Exercise and Fixing Your BodyRight Body For You® TasterLondon - 747 Hyde Park Rd., Suite 108, Ontario, Canada N6h 3S3

13feb - 15feb 1310:00 amfeb 153 Day Access Body Class747 Hyde Park Rd., Suite 108, London, Ontario, Canada N6h 3S3

may 2016

6may - 8may 69:30 ammay 83 Day Body Class TorontoToronto, Ontario, Canada