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The Reluctant Leader

I used to avoid being wrong, flying by the seat of my pants, (what if I messed up?) Some might call me a Perfectionist. I called me “The Reluctant Leader.” Until a few days ago.
Thoughts of teaching a class without notes or a pre-planned outline was terrifying to me.
Now I know it wasn’t terrifying, but exciting!

I had the chance last weekend to facilitate a class I had […]

New Year Creations III: And then … The End (plus a New model for creation)

Endings. Many people hate the end, especially if whatever you’ve been up to has been really fun and great. Think of a play, a bottle of wine, the best week of summer camp, a movie or a book that was so amazing you didn’t want it to end and are waiting for the sequel!

Other people can’t wait for something to be over – especially if it’s really […]

New Year Creations II: Stuck In The Middle With You

If the beginning is the inspiration, the middle is the creation, a place where the beginning energy and space of possibilities is sparked or lit by the actions that must occur for the creation to become itself, such as making a phone call to order supplies, registering for a class, or picking up the pen.

The middle can be a rich place where all the choices are made, […]

may 2015

1may7:00 pmThe Magic of Right Voice For YouLondon, ON
20may7:00 pmMatrix Busters - MayLondon, ON
23may10:00 amAccess Bars Class May 23London, ON

june 2015

12jun - 14jun 129:30 amjun 143 Day Access Body ClassTurin, Italy
19jun - 21jun 199:30 amjun 213 Day Access Body Class Munich, Germany